PBS may Launch Online Shows

by Erica Sadun

Reuters reports that PBS CEO Paula Kerger is considering putting more PBS content online.

"My goal in running PBS is that no matter what choice consumers in the digital age decide to do ... we recognize the need to make content available to any of those platforms, and right now we're moving in that direction," Kerger said at a luncheon sponsored by the Media Institute...She also pointed to PBS's archive of educational shows like "Nature," "Frontline" and other documentaries as a possible resource that could be accessed "anytime, anywhere."

PBS's Newshour is already available from the iTunes music store. (Free)

Not to sound like a broken record or anything, but free on-line Sesame Street would rock the rockiest rock that ever rocked. Load it onto the iPod. Let the 3-year old zone. I like to think that my kids have two proper parents: computer games and television.

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Morgan Hough
2006-04-18 08:16:59
I have so wanted to get videocasts of Seasme Street. I live in England but I was back in SF recently and my daughter loved watching it.