PC World adds Apple to Top Desktop PC Charts

by Erica Sadun

PC World writes:
During our first and so far only testing of an Intel-based Macs, done by Senior Editor Eric Dahl using WorldBench 5 (PC World's benchmark suite), we had only one technical issue which he discusses his blog entry.

Aside from the one benchmark issue we encountered, we also had a problem trying to make back-up images using common drive imaging/backup software. We contacted Apple about the one benchmark issue and hope to have a solution very soon. All-in-all, we are very excited about the possibility of including Apple PCs in the desktop charts, and we are looking forward to the final version of Boot Camp.

I'm curious to see how the new Macteltoshes stack up.


2006-04-17 12:43:44
It will definitely be interesting to see, butI think for most Mac users the performance of the hardware is only one, very minor, part of the story. The bottom line is the OS and to a lesser extent, some of the software running on it. Both are with out equal int he wndows world.