Penguins Invade New York City!

by Adam Trachtenberg

Living in New York, I can't really complain about the voyage to LinuxWorld. It's just a short subway ride down on the 1/9 train and a walk westward to the Javits. So, armed with a wool hat, scarf, gloves, and two jackets, I ventured forth in the 20 degree cold weather to check out the scene.

This was the first conference I'd attended since Internet Mania subsided, so the number of booths wasn't that overwhelming. Still, there was a significant vendor presence; however, the main focus seemed to be Linux on the enterprise more than Linux on the desktop. IBM, HP, Sun, Dell -- all the mainstays. And, surely presenting their booth's employees with the most interesting job in the open source world, Microsoft. It was pretty funny watching Microsoft make their pitch to fellow attendees.

Starting at 1 PM, I headed over to the O'Reilly booth to join my fellow PHP Cookbook author, Dave Sklar, for the author event. We manned the "Internet corner," which meant that we got to share a table with Monty and Dave Axmark from MySQL, AB. (Monty! How cool is that!) This was the first real author signing for David and me, and we both had a blast. It's always nice when people come up to you and say "Your book saved my life!" or "I took some code from one of your recipes and made some modifications of my own. It's working out great!"

I also met O'Reilly author and editor Andy Oram, whose books I've been reading for years. In fact, the first O'Reilly book I ever bought, the Cow book, was edited by Andy. A few other O'Reilly authors stopped for a chat, including Derek Vadala and Æleen Frisch.

After the signing, I headed over to visit the New York PHP guys in the .ORG Pavilion. Hans Zaunere was manning the table and we had a nice talk. Speaking of NYPHP, the January meeting is coming up and I need to remember to block off my calendar.