People still think Macintosh

by Giles Turnbull

British geek, broadcaster and Mac user Jonathan Sanderson makes a very good point: why is a 404?

When Steve Jobs announced the MacBook Pro, he said that Apple was "done with Power" and wanted its computers to have the word "Mac" in their name.

Granted, it's been a long time since any of Apple's machines were called "Macintosh," and most regular Mac users will know that. But the vast majority of non-users (ie, potential customers) don't. I've been asked many times why I use a "Macintosh" - the branding from the mid-1980s was so strong that it still has a hold on people's minds today.

All of which makes me think that the very least Apple's webdudes could do is point to, say,


2006-03-06 02:48:28
Well that didn't last long ! Try it again.
2006-03-06 05:10:36
Still technically a 404 - 'we're not sure what you want' is ok but really if you putting in /macintosh it could be taken that you are saying 'gimme da computers'.
J. Patrick Greer
2006-03-06 05:33:57
I know what you mean. You just about have to say, "Mac" when talking to the general public. For example if I am putting my experience on a resume I don't say I have experience on an iBook running OSX. I say I have experience with Macs running OSX or something to that effect. Even though it's not "technically" correct it's pretty much accepted that when you say "Macintosh" you mean any computer made by Apple.

I think Apple knows this and it looks like all of their products are going to officially carry the "Mac" name. This "Mac" name carried over into modern times with the iMac and all of it's forms as well as the PowerMac line. The only thing that hasn't been officially given the Mac name is the iBook line and I have a feeling we will see that change real soon.

2006-03-06 08:24:30
Personally, coming from Windows PC's to now working in a school running virtually all macs I have found that the term "Mac" is used to refer to any Apple computer. And as far as the OS goes, the full name is "Mac OS X" anyhow. When Mac users are talking to other mac users calling it "Mac OS X" would be redundant so most refer to it just as "OSX", "Tiger", "10.4" etc... I haven't heard anything refered to as a "Macintosh" for years short of a penny arcade comic recently, and that was just a joke. Anyone asking you why you use a Macintosh probably hasn't used a mac *since* the 80's.
Duncan Heal
2006-03-06 15:30:48
To me, 'Mac' was always short for 'Macintosh' - like a nickname and interchangable. But I guess you're right - we haven't have 'Macintoshes' for years.

I personally find 'Macintosh' better sounding than the rather hash 'Mac'. I think I will always the longer form but not very often.