Perl 5.10 for Perl's 20th birthday

by brian d foy

Perl 1 was released to the public by Larry Wall 20 years ago today. To celebrate, Perl5Porters have released Perl5.10, the latest stable version of Perl 5. Happy Birthday Perl!

Perl 5.10 isn't just a bug fix version: it's full of new features that I'm eager to use: named captures in regular expressions, state variables for subroutines, the defined-or operator, a switch statement (called given-when, though), a faster regex engine, and more. You can read more about the changes in perldelta.

The perl-5.10.0.tgz file is making its way to all of the CPAN mirrors, but if you can't wait for that, you can its torrent file. Once it makes it to the CPAN mirrors, it will the new stable.tar.gz

This time around, Perl 5.10 installation will work the same on unix and Windows: Strawberry Perl is a Perl distribution for Windows that comes with a C-compiler and everything else you need to do it yourself. Give it a couple of days to catch up, though.


Zach Miscikoski
2007-12-19 07:42:34
Awesome, great to see a new release of Perl 5, will be downloading and installing it today.
2007-12-19 09:01:53
Hard to think of a nicer Christmas present to the community!
2007-12-19 20:56:49
when I go to strawberry perl, it's offering an alpha of 5.8.8.
Doesn't quite say when 5.8.8 will be out either! :-(
2007-12-20 06:10:05

I just read it is out in beta for 5.10 so it should be soon.

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2008-07-07 11:04:19
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