Perl 5/6 and Parrot Myths Debunked

by chromatic

Plenty of people have said that Perl is dead. (Some of them post on this site.) Rather than looking in the rear-view mirror of book sales (and I keep arguing with our research group that we need to normalize that data to account for the huge sell-in spike for a frontlist title and the inevitable batch of returns three months later) or a naive search for "X programming", Tim Bunce gathered job posting statistics and other information particular to the Perl community to demonstrate that the duct tape of the Internet is still alive and well.

Tim's focus changes halfway through the video to discuss the development process of Perl 6 and how that's sped up dramatically in recent months as well. Though the video's difficult to read in places, it's very much worth your time to watch, if for no other reason than Tim's impressive and polite understatements, such as my personal favorite:

"The web development community tends to wear blinkers."

Update: The link is Perl Myths Debunked.


Daniel Berger
2008-03-18 08:47:27
Got a link?
Shlomi Fish
2008-03-18 10:33:19
Here's a link.
Jochen Plumeyer
2008-03-26 09:56:16
Yes, please, let's do please campaigning for Perl!

Why PHP is accepted by so many people, and the super similar syntactical father with CPAN "Austin mojo" Powers is bashed everywhere?

Could we invent a "Get the facts" thing, talking about implementation quality and cost, and real world scenarios, to fight the bad hype?

Perl is too good to be bashed!!!