Perl 6 on Parrot

by chromatic

Perl 6 pumpking Patrick Michaud recently posted an announcement of a Perl 6 compiler running on Parrot. This version uses Patrick's PGE and Allison Randal's Parrot compiler tools.

That is, this is probably the approach that the official released version of Perl will use.

With a little bit of hacking after Patrick's initial checkin (kept slightly secret mostly by the lack of an official announcement), this compiler can run some of the Perl 6 specification tests developed by the Pugs project. It's also inspired some cleanups to Parrot, the Parrot compiler tools, and a handful of other languages running on Parrot.

This is how progress looks.

(Oh, along those lines, Chris DiBona just published an interview with me about Perl 6, also featuring Brad Fitzpatrick of LiveJournal, about Perl 6 and our progress.)


2006-05-20 05:22:53
great , waiting to test it ;)

meanwhile i'm stuck with compiling parrot ...