Perl in Dr. Dobbs

by brian d foy

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I usually don't see Perl in Dr. Dobbs, but the January 2005 issue is all about open source and programming languages, and it has one of the best tech articles I've seen in a while.

This issue includes Sam Tregar's "Perl, VMWare, & Virtual Solutions". He's the author of Writing Perl Modules for CPAN (one of the best Perl books out there), and works on Krang, a mod_perl based content management system.

None of that really matters for this article though, because that's not really what he's talking about (open source or Perl or Krang). He talking about money.

He used VMWare to test his product on a bunch of different architectures and operating systems without buying all those architectures. That's right: he gets down to the money. He's done his math and figured out the real dollar cost each way. He's not using VMWare just because he likes it: it saves him a tens of thousand of dollars, even though it costs him a few thousand dollars. It's great to see the article hit not only the tech angle, but the practical business angle too.

And it's all in Dr. Dobbs. Imagine that.


2004-12-09 03:51:46
DDJ in 'perl? we have heard of it' shocker
Crikey - 2 perl related articles in Dr Dobbs Journal!

Its only in a 'special issue' though, which means they have decided that perl is only fit to cover in their special 'obscure and niche' editions along with lisp and ruby that no modern microsoft and java loving programmer would ever hear of or think of using.

2004-12-09 04:52:51
It was late at night?
There are tons of mistakes in your entry… I take it you were tired? :-)
2004-12-09 11:15:18
DDJ in 'perl? we have heard of it' shocker
Well, I'm not going to complain. Perl can't be in every magazine every month. :)
2004-12-09 11:21:57
It was late at night?
I'm always very tired. :)
2004-12-10 11:05:39
DDJ in 'perl? we have heard of it' shocker
no, but for some reason .net and java are in DDJ every month.

I would guess its because the advertisers mostly aim at .net and java developers because everyone else can get their job done without spending thousands of pounds to make their language and development environment productive.