Perl Is My... T-Shirt

by Dave Cross

Many years ago, were involved in a scandal that rocked the Perl community to its very core. In order to raise money for the first YAPC::Europe a member of the group proposed printing and selling a t-shirt with a slogan so controversial that it polarised the opinions of everyone who heard it. For days a flamewar the like of which I've never seen before raged across three mailing lists.

When the dust settled, wiser councils prevailed and far less controversial shirts were printed. But the original shirts were still produced in a strictly limited edition which was sold to people with close connections with the cabal. A few years later, one emerged at a YAPC::Europe auction and was sold for EUR250. Since then any trade in these shirts has been on the black market. See the FAQ for more details.

But it has just come to my attention that one is being sold on eBay. If you want to purchase a piece of Perl history and own what some people consider the most offensive Perl t-shirt ever produced, then now is your chance.

Personally, I'll be watching the auction very closely to see if it's worth selling my shirt :-)


2006-05-22 09:33:13
couldn't you just make your own shirt?
2006-05-22 11:59:31
You could design one of these at and have it produced for about $15, on a quality t-shirt and really good printing (none of that CafePress crap printing).
Dave Cross
2006-05-22 12:03:45
Yes, of course you could. But it wouldn't be an original. And connoisseurs could spot the difference :-)