Perl Jobs

by Dave Cross

Competition in the marketplace is a good thing right?

So now we have both and

I'm about to start looking for a new Perl job - so let's see which one of them is most useful. Currently the seems a bit light on jobs in the UK, but I'm sure that's just because it's early days.

Update: A couple of people have decided that the comments to this post is a good place to advertise jobs. Well, it's not. Why not use one of the services mentioned above. If the service prevents you from posting UK jobs, then contact them to complain - I have nothing to do with that site.

It might also be worth mentioning a blog post I wrote a few weeks ago which contains some advice on finding Perl programmers in London.


2007-02-16 10:27:30
And because is free :).
2007-02-20 01:27:00
One reason it might be light on UK jobs is that the submission form has phone number and zip code as mandatory fields but does not permit the entry of UK phone numbers or post codes.
If you can fix that, I'd like to advertise