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by Mike Hendrickson

Hunting for a Perl guru? Or maybe you're one yourself and are ready for a "change of scenery." Whether you're on the prowl for great people or are looking to be found yourself, can help.

We've just added jobs to through our partnership with the folks at Simply Hired. If you want to reach a community of Perl gurus, you've come to the right place. Post your job now and land the kind of Perl talent that will make you dance in your cubicle.

Or perhaps you're ready to give yourself a raise. We've got plenty of jobs to choose from with some pretty cool companies. Come on in and take a look.

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Dave Rolsky
2007-02-15 16:39:04
Ask Bjorn Hansen and I put together the Perl jobs site back in 2001. Not to be rude, but I suspect most Perl gurus looking for work start there (or with their personal network).
Pasha Balan
2007-02-15 23:59:45
Hi, all.
I am team leader in a small IT company (from Moldova) that is specialized in perl solutions.
Our most impressive solution is creation of an Object Oriented CMS (Home Runner).
My target is to find some companies interested in elaboration or support of LAMP (with Perl) solutions.
Any idea or discussion on this topic will be great. You can contact me for further discussion on


2007-02-16 10:52:26
And the link to posting a job on the site is:
2007-02-21 04:00:36
Can't post UK telephone numbers or contact addresses - looks like jobs for the (US) boys only!
Dave Baker
2007-02-21 13:42:06
Er, what's the web address for the list of jobs that have been posted?
Mike Hendrickson
2007-02-22 03:29:57