Perl On Rails - What the BBC Does Right

by Curtis Poe

Before you dash of a nasty reply, hear me out. There's an excellent lesson that all companies can learn from this.

By now I suspect that many of you have already heard of Perl On Rails, an internal BBC project. Naturally, this made Slashdot, Reddit and Digg, amongst many other sites and one chap put up a very scathing post entitled Why the BBC Fails at the Internet. Most of the comments you'll read about the "Perl on Rails" project are pretty far off the mark, but the "Fails at the Internet" post was, despite the vitriol, probably the most spot-on analysis of the problem facing the BBC.

Admittedly, I've only worked for the BBC for a month, but I've already had several friends ask me for the "inside dope" about this project and I wouldn't say much for two reasons. One, I had only heard about it second hand and was concerned about getting technical details wrong. Two, I live in the perpetual fear that anything I say in my blog will be held against me. I'm probably right on the first count, but I'm definitely wrong on the second.


Zbigniew Lukasiak
2007-12-09 08:21:16
That is a great news! Tell us if there is any follow up and if they are open to discuss the process of scrutinizing the Perl modules with the Perl community.
John Connors
2007-12-10 04:43:34
I never thought I'd *want* to work for the corporate monolith that is Auntie. I think I just changed my mind...