Perl Quote of the Day

by chromatic

Nobody develops for Perl anymore, CPAN is too crowded.

    Jordan Henderson


2007-07-26 05:07:38
Nobody develops for Perl anymore, CPAN is too crowded.
Jordan Henderson
2007-07-26 11:58:28
Well, rats, time to move along then. I was having fun too.
2007-07-29 16:54:23
> CPAN is too crowded.

So now the popularity of CPAN... is a bad thing?

Daniel Berger
2007-07-31 20:22:13
I'm detecting a trend:

1) Person A writes Foo
2) Person B writes Foo-Simple
3) Person C writes Foo-EvenSimpler
4) Person D writes foo (note the case change), causing annoyance and confusion, especially on MS Windows
5) Person E writes Foo-Bar, an OO interface for Foo
6) Person F writes Baz, a completely different interface for Foo
7) Person G writes Acme-Foo as a joke
8) Person H writes Foo-Handle, a tied Foo
9) Person I writes Foo-Template, an html generating Foo thingy
10) At last, Person J writes Foo-Meta, which does everything the previous 9 people did, in one mega module.

And so, with 10 or more different variations of each module, CPAN has become too crowded. ;)

2007-07-31 22:04:09
@Daniel, I can think of at least six different possible namespaces which fit that category....
2007-08-01 03:53:32
Perl as a core-language (incl. Profiler - god saves the inventor, Debugger, Core modules like CGI, DBI) has the most I need. It helps perfectly to do my jobs. I cannot say enough "thanks" for that. So I think that except by changing A LOT like in Perl 6 there is no need to frickle at the core language.

But most _problems_ to solve is the job of the modules which save me days of work every time I use them. Yes, there are a lot of modules, but it's important to encourage people to release modules which reflect their work and helps others.

But: good quote! Made me think.