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by David Sims

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This week we're re-launching with a new design, one that's more like the other sites we publish:,,, and the O'Reilly Network itself. We've changed the design to showcase more of what's going on behind the home page -- archives, resources, columns and news -- as well as to allow some features that are standard on other O'Reilly Network sites, such as weblogs and pointers to What's New.

You'll find the same content coming to you every week on the site: the Perl 5 Porters summary, reports on the development of Perl 6, Larry Wall's monthly Apocalypse columns, Damian Conway's follow-ups to Larry's opinions, and one or two Perl features or tutorials each week.

I'm also pleased to announce that Simon Cozens, who's been keeping us up to date on P5P and P6 development, and has been filling in a bit on the newsletter of late, will be taking the reins as managing editor starting this July. Simon just finished exams at Oxford, and is taking a well-deserved week of rest on holiday in Japan.

Schuyler Erle, O'Reilly Network hacker extraordinaire in residence, will also be around, as will be Nat Torkington, O'Reilly editor and conference planner for our upcoming Perl and Open Source conferences in San Diego.

You'll also find the same ads on the new site that we had on the other -- and I won't kid you: there may be more to come. I know many of you wish it could be otherwise, but the cold economic facts are that we can't publish or any of our other sites for free without advertising income. The fact that advertisers are beginning to take the site more seriously as a place to put their message across bodes well for Perl, and for the future of

Take a look and let us know what you think in the talkback feature below or by dropping email to me at If you're going to the Perl Conference next month, let Simon or I know in person. We'll gather up your feedback and sift through it when we tweak the site to come up with v. 2.1.

Thanks for reading and I hope you continue to enjoy

David Sims

Editorial Director

O'Reilly Network


2001-07-02 09:28:45
New Perl page
It looks good BUT:
Where's the search?
It's one of the things I used the most on the old page. Re-inventing the wheel is not cool.
I have found so many things, in so many places this way.