Personal Satellite Assistant

by brian d foy

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Yesterday, Wired News reported on NASA's Personal Satellite Assistant which NASA intends

to move and operate independently in the microgravity environment of space-based vehicles. The PSA will assist astronauts who are living and working aboard the Space Shuttle, Space Station, and during future space exploration missions to the Moon and Mars.

And, later that day as I was standing in line at Panda Express in the H concourse of O'Hare, I saw one of the prototypes in the glass case next to me.



2004-06-14 01:37:17
remember Douglas Adams?
Someone at NASA's been reading the Guide again...
In one of the books Ford captures a freeflying spherical security device and makes it happy so it'll follow him around whereever he goes.

This looks eerily familiar (except that it doesn't appear to have anti-grav to stay up).