Peter Fisk Is A ROCKSTAR!!!

by M. David Peterson

Lisp Integration

Vista Smalltalk is descended from a Lisp interpreter that I started working on several years ago. I switched to Smalltalk syntax when the kernel was finally able to support messaging and dynamic object creation.

Now, I have begun re-integrating the Lisp reader and some built-in functions back into the Vst package. The lisp capabilities include basic functions such as "apply", "mapcar", "dolist", "dotimes" and "eval" as well as macro expansion complete with "backquote", "comma" and "at-comma" forms.

Messages are sent to objects using Xlisp syntax:

* (send <object> <message> [...])
* (send-super <message> [])

I think I can just leave it at that and not worry that anyone doesn't both understand *AND* agree with the title!