Phlink 3 Goes Gold. Let the Call Snooping Begin.

by Gordon Meyer

At the January Macworld Expo, Ovolab was demonstrating the forthcoming version of their telephone automation product, Phlink. The new update is now shipping and is available for previous owners for $40. This version adds call recording and EyeTV control and more. Read my previous post here, and visit the Ovolab website.


2006-03-14 12:51:13
I had massive problems with version 2.2.2. The type of problems that meant Phlink would crash the moment you tried to quit it and then it would put a strangle hold on the processors and rise all the way to 100% usage on both CPU's.

I found Ovolab to be pretty unresponsive as the solutions they offered became less successful. To the point that they began ignoring my support requests...

Gordon Meyer
2006-03-14 13:04:20
Perhaps one factor in my experience with Phlink 2, which has very few hiccups, is that I keep it running constantly. But regardless, thanks for the comment and best of luck.
2006-03-16 03:22:12
By way of an update, I've been "kickin' the tires" of v.3 and the only difference is that when Phlink does crash, it doesn't try taking my G5 out with it.

How thoughtful!

What a disappointment...