Phlink's Network Caller ID

by Gordon Meyer

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Ovolab's Phlink 1.5 introduces a very intriguing "network Caller ID notification" feature that could be quite handy. Currently, I have incoming calls announced (using text-to-speech), but the audio is sometimes hard to hear if I have iTunes cranked up. Having Phlink pop-up a window with the notification, on every computer in the house, would be a nice alternative.

I'm hopeful, but reserve judgment because there isn't much information about the details of how it works available. A message in the Phlink Forum says that a standalone receiver application is forthcoming. (Right now, you'd have to run the full Phlink package on every computer where you'd want to receive messages.)

There are a few other approaches that can deliver this today, but you'd have to knit some pieces together yourself. An AppleScript that calls LanOSD, for example. LanOSD displays network messages in a beautiful translucent overlay, if Phlink offers anything half as pretty it will be great.

AfterTen's CIDTrackerX is another alternative. In fact, it supports several different protocols for broadcasting CallerID across the network, even to Windows and TiVo clients. If Phlink works with these protocols, integrating it into a similar setup should be a snap.

How's it working for you?