Phone from HERE

by Imran Ali

Tim Panton, Westhawk's Technical Director and one of this year's keynoters at ETel, has just informed me of the launch of a closed, thousand user trial for their Phone from HERE service, based on the Corraleta technology demonstrated at ETel.

Registering for the beta, adds a new link to your LinkedIn profile, from which contacts can call you - from directly within your browser.

You can call Tim, using the demo link on his profile - simply click Call Me FREE with Corraleta, 'trust' the applet being installed and make sure you have a mic plugged in :)

I called Tim using this link and was surprised at the call quality and user experience - it works and it sounds pretty good! The beta won't incur any costs or reveal your number but includes 50 minutes of talk time. Sign up at and let Tim know what you think.

I'd be interested to hear from ETel readers on the applications of this technology, where it might be deployed and most importantly, the user experience. Is voice now just a feature?