Aperture Photo Browser in Mail

by Dominique James

In Leopard, and with the latest version of Aperture, it is easier and faster than ever to email photos that are inside Aperture. You don't even need to open Aperture to do it. You can email photos from your Aperrture library direct from within Mail.

In Mail, when you click on New Message, you will notice two new buttons on the upper right hand corner of the pane. The first button is Photo Browser and the other is Show Stationery. When you are replying to an email instead of creating a new one, the Show Stationery button will not be available but the Photo Browser button will still be there.

Click on the Photo Browser and you will see that all the images from your active and currently selected Aperture library are there. You can see the photos in List View or Icon View, and when necessary, you can open an image in Aperture from there. Select and drag the images you want in your email, resize accordingly, type in a few quick notes, click on the send button, and your email with the photos from Aperture is on its way.


In the past, I realized that the times when I most wanted to show photos to clients or to share with my associates are when I am writing an email. It just make sense this way, and Apple has addressed this matter. I've always wanted a quick and convenient way to be able to email the photos from a shoot.

In Aperture's previous version, and in Tiger, the way to email photos is by exporting them to an Email. You still can do this, but the Photo Browser in Mail saves you time and reduces the number of clicks. It seems more convenient by doing it from within Mail itself.

However, you will notice that the versions of the images you may have created while working in Aperture do not show up in the Photo Browser. If you want to email the versions instead of the original shot, you still have to go inside Aperture, and do the usual, which is to export to an Email.

Despite this minor limitation, the new Photo Browser feature of Aperture from within Mail is a fantastic idea that extends its functionality.


Richard Flynn
2007-11-07 23:42:52
you will notice that the versions of the images you may have created while working in Aperture does [sic!] not show up in the Photo Browser.

Strictly speaking, what you see in the Photo Browser are the Picks of each of your Stacks. So, if one Stack’s Pick is an alternative Version, then you can choose that picture from the Photo Browser. Or, if in Aperture you've removed one Version from its default Stack, and left it on its own in the Project/Album, then you’ll see that Version in the Photo Browser, as well as whatever is now the Stack Pick for its originating stack.

Dominique James
2007-11-08 00:20:25
Richard thank you for raising an excellent point. I tested it, and you are correct. To make sure that all the images will appear in the Photo Browser, you first have to Unstack all Stacks. However, if you are not inclined to Unstack your neatly organized and ordered images, promoting the image that you want to be visible in the Photo Browser as the Pick of the Stack is the way to do it. The other alternative is to Extract the item from the Stack. But what if you forgot to promote the image as the Pick of the Stack? Or you were not able to Extract it out of the Stack? And what if you do not want to Unstack? Go back into Aperture? Hmmm ....
2007-11-08 00:46:37
I don't see in your clip any file resize slider yor get when attaching files. Has this been removed ?
2007-11-08 00:51:18
Mine just has iPhoto :-(

My Aperture photos aren't available in the screen saver or desktop background prefpanes either.

Is there something I need to enable in Aperture?

Dominique James
2007-11-08 01:13:30
Jeyell, the Image Size email indicator and Image Resize drop-down menu will only appear if images are already placed in the email.
Dominique James
2007-11-08 01:28:36
Brady, in Aperture's Preferences, go to the Previews section and click on "Share previews with iLife and iWork." That ought to do the trick.
Ron Bell
2007-11-09 13:14:13
I agree that this is a fantastic additional feature to Leopard mail for those who shoot principally in JPEG; however, I disagree that an inability to email versions is a "minor limitation" to those photographers who typically shoot in RAW and use Aperture's advanced features to correct white balance, color, sharpness etc. Presumably, this limitation exists because Aperture's non-destructive photo editing stores the version changes in separate XML files.

Am I missing something here?