Photo Gallery of Apple Media Event

by Derrick Story

Head Stomp

I've just published a gallery of images from Tuesday's Apple Media Event. The first series was captured outside the Yerba Buena Theater in San Francisco. Included is a shot of Steve Wozniak arriving on his Segway. Also included is the image featured here of the Apple employee being stomped by the iPod dancer.

Once inside the theater, I have shots of the new products with their basic features. Lots of Steve stuff, and a picture of John Legend performing. Good fun. You can visit the gallery here.

I've included the technical metadata for each image for those of you who like that stuff. Also, the web gallery was generated in Aperture and uploaded from Aperture to my .Mac account.

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2006-09-13 11:22:38
Nice phots. The ones that CNET posted were total garbage.