Photo Pod

by Michael Brewer

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Apple announced their iPod Photo today. I think they missed the mark by centering its functionality around making it a digital version of wallet photos instead of giving it a good way to get photos off of a camera and into the iPod in the field. It does have some neat functionality like connecting to TVs (4:3 & 16:9) and displaying slideshows with music, showing album art when playing music, and a 15 hour battery (while playing music).

I'd be more interested if it had a good way of getting photos off of my camera and into the Ipod (and from there onto my computer) -- my Belkin unit doesn't cover it. It'd also be nice if it and iPhoto supported Adobe's new DNG format and used Adobe's DNG converter when pulling raw photos off of a camera.

But, if I didn't already have an iPod, I'd probably get an iPod Photo.

What do you think of the iPod Photo?


2004-10-26 23:27:33
Needs camera connection
I think you've hit it on the head. It looks like a fabulous product that has tremendous potential, but as you mention it seems to lack a critical feature to me: direct photo import from a camera.
2004-10-27 07:18:33
Needs camera connection
Especially when Asono's Elio can do it. You'd think Apple could work some similar magic.

Apple, I need to be able to offload pictures from my Digital Rebel onto the iPod in the field. And those Belkin devices don't cut it.

2004-10-27 11:38:40
Needs camera connection
I agree 100%, and I'll bet you that Belkin, Griffin, or some other has something up their sleeves that will be announced very soon. I suspect Apple knowingly left this hole open as an opportunity for third parties to fill, and they they have been working with those 3rd parties already (witness the black iTrip for Griffin, to match the U2 iPod, announced yesterday).