Photon Connects iPhoto Directly to Moveable Type Sites

by Derrick Story

I'm a big fan of the single entry approach to work. That's why I embrace apps such as Address Book and iCal. For my digital images, iPhoto 5 is my database. Everything goes there first. I annotate the images in the comments field, and apply the working name in the title field.

Thanks to some excellent plug-ins, apps, and services, this is working great for me. I use Automator to prepare and upload pictures to my flickr page, .Mac for my album pages for clients, and BetterHTML Export for building custom album pages and authoring photo CDs.

I have a new favorite plug-in called Photon. This open source software is a plug-in for iPhoto that enables me to post a photo as a weblog entry to a Moveable Type site (also TypePad, Blojsom, and WordPress). It's a free download.

Once you install Photon, you access it via Share > Export in iPhoto 5, then click on the Weblog tab. You have to configure the plug-in so it uploads the images to the proper location on your MT site. After doing so, you just click the Export button and the image goes straight from iPhoto to your site -- resized and including title and caption. Photon also works with iPhoto 4.

Thanks to Photon, and software like it, I'm able to keep all of my photos, and comments about them, in one place (iPhoto), then serve them up just about anywhere I want.


2005-09-24 08:57:33
flickr export
You might want to check out for exporting from iphoto to flickr.
2005-09-24 09:09:01
One way streer PlugIns
The only problem i have with all of such plugins is, that they are oneway street. Lets say i publish an album to Flickr with the Flickr export plugin, the pligin does a fine job exporting, but it doesn't remember what i have exportet. Lets assume i update an album in iPhoto and add some new images, i'd have to export all of the images again and not just the added ones - or alternatively i would have to remember which images were already exported. ut being the owner of a fine aluminuim piece of electric brain, i think it's the job of the machine to remember for me. I think this is teh suck.
2005-09-24 09:10:50
One way streer PlugIns
I also believe one should be able to re-edit a comment, so one could get rid of tons of typos ;-)