Photo's From Park City

by M. David Peterson

I left my apartment in downtown SLC yesterday morning with the intent of stopping by my local coffee house after running some errands.

I arrived in Park City 30 minutes later.

For your enjoyment, some pics from my much needed day off...


PJ Cabrera
2006-06-02 14:19:19
You know that sticker that says "Please remove from rear view mirror before driving"? Well, you didn't remove it. :-)

M. David Peterson
2006-06-02 15:01:42
I was just waiting for the first person to notice this and say something :D

I noticed the same thing after I posted this... Hadn't even looked at them (beyond the thumbnails) until after I made this post and, of course, noticed that same thing (its kind of hard to miss when its takes up 30% of a 1024x768 image! :)... It's funny... never noticed that until then. :D