Photoshop CS3 Workspace Dock

by Erica Sadun

Off all the CS3 updates, it's the "workspace dock" that makes me most uncomfortable. I'm not sure whether or not I (a) like this change, (b) can live with this change, and (c) can use the changed interface effectively. I know the Adobe engineers were busy at work trying to get all the things we do a lot of into a central location, but the new workspace dock is cluttered and more than a little hard to use. Yes, all our normal friends ("info", "layers", "history", etc) are there, but they're in new forms or new locations or get accessed in new ways.


The workspace has several presentations. You can collapse or expand either side of the dock by clicking the double-arrows at the top. When collapsed, the icons on the left side gives single-click access to your history, brushes, tool presets, and several other utilities. I can't really imagine a time you'd want to collapse the right-hand side. To access any of the palettes, just click the tab with the name (as you are used to doing) or, when the tab is closed, use the Window menu to reopen it. I'm guessing there's supposed to be an easier way to add palettes, but I couldn't find one yet.

I'm more than a little disappointed that I can't just drag stuff around the screen the way I used to (like putting the Info panel here and the layers panel there). Everything is docked to the dock, which I'll grow used to, but which kind of ticks me off. Oh well, can't have everything.


Derek Punsalan
2006-12-21 11:02:34
Although I enjoy the new "dock" that's been implemented into CS3, I find it extremely annoying that I cant't move each individual dock. I run two 23" displays and preferred moving all my palettes to to one display. The only way that I know I can achieve this is to use floating palettes disconnecting myself from the resizeable docks. Waiting patiently for a fix or a release that allows users to move complete docks.
2007-04-17 20:50:03
I'm more than a little disappointed that I can't just drag stuff around the screen the way I used to (like putting the Info panel here and the layers panel there).

You CAN drag whatever you want wherever you want it!!!

Mike MacGregor
2007-07-02 11:21:22
I agree with all the people here. I want to be able to move the dock over to my other monitor and it won't let me. When I type into the HELP the word "dock" it comes up with zero items. What gives??
2007-09-28 10:18:36
I am a recent Mac convert. I am used to the way CS3 docked in Window's environment. Having my tool pallets disappear and not being able to lock them in place is very annoying :-(

I tried dual monitors and this is annoying as well because you can move your tool pallets, but still need move to opposite monitor to select items on the menu bar.

2007-11-10 16:58:20
The way to get the docks to the other monitor is one pallet at a time then reconnect them in what order you like. I hope this helps
2008-01-03 18:16:03
I simply expand the program across both monitors and this puts all of the menus on monitor number 2, leaving 1 for the actual image.
2008-02-19 07:19:07
Adobe! - Please bring out a Plugin that lets us move our windows and tool pallets freely within Photoshop CS3. If anyone knows of any fix for this problem, PLEASE let me know.
2008-04-16 11:00:01
I can't stand that I can't drag the palettes around. I have two monitors for a reason. It is for flexibility, and space. I also use a Mac for this very purpose. I detest being forced into a Windows experience. I'm sorry.. but when did designers switch to Windows and when did Adobe abandon designers?
2008-04-20 20:05:00
As you can see from the comments there are obviously alot of people in the graphics field with dual monitors, obviously for a reason WE WANT SPACE!
Designing a graphics software program that virtually forces you on a single monitor, and even sucking up part of that space is just stupid, stupid, stupid.
2008-06-13 09:56:44

What do you mean you simply expand the program across two monitors??

I use 2 screens and a Cintic ux21. I want to sketch on the Cintic with all the menu's on that monitor and that is the only thing I do with that tool. All the rest of my work happens on the two other screens.

Moving the dock would be amazing, floating menus kinda work, but it's a drag.

Does anyone have an answer to this dilemma?