PHP magazines: Buy early and buy often!

by Adam Trachtenberg

I'm glad to see PHP is finally getting its own specialized magazines.
The premiere issue of php|architect is now available. And, it looks like an English-language version of the German magazine PHP Magazin called PHP Magazine will also be released this December. (Although, based on the names, I'm secretly expecting this is going to be exact same magazine as the German periodical, but with the letter "e" stuck onto the end of every other word.) Plus, there's PHP Journal, which is also in the works.

I'm taking it as a sign of PHP's strength that -- even in this poor economy -- publishers are taking on the challenge of getting people to pay for content on the Internet. I really hope the PHP community will support these magazines and don't use the overwhelming amount of freely available Internet pieces as an excuse not to open their wallets. Free articles are good, but paid articles can be significantly better.

I don't use Perl on a regular basis in my everyday life, but I still subscribe to two Perl magazines: The Perl Journal and The Perl Review. I believe in what they're doing and cost is so low, just $1 an issue. Besides, many of their articles are just so damn good. And, they aren't necessarily Perl-specific. Many pieces are interesting computer topics where the authors happen to be implementing their solutions in Perl.

Articles like Braille Contractions and Regular Expressions and Bricolage: Memoization are really interesting. (Or, they're really interesting to me.) They're worth a read. As it turns out, O'Reilly is reprinting many of the classic TPJ articles. The first collection -- Computer Science & Perl Programming -- is already available.

So, please keep an eye out for these new PHP periodicals and be sure to try them out when they arrive.