[PHP:.NET] Phalanger 10-01-2006 Nightly Build [MS.NET, Mono, and VS.NET Integration Support] Now Available

by M. David Peterson

Phalanger - The PHP Language Compiler for the .NET Framework

Release 10-01-2006 Nightly Build
Oct-01-20063 Files
Fixed bugs. Added SimpleXML support (included in the XmlDom managed extension).
Runtime Binaries
Phalanger-2.0-nightly-100106.zip - 2 Downloads
Phalanger-2.0-nightly-100106-Mono.zip - 1 Downloads
VSIntegration-2.0-nightly-100106.zip - 2 Downloads

When I very first started using and publicizing Phalanger back in May of 2005, one of the most often asked questions was "does this work on Mono?" The answer (at least back then),

No, it is currently not possible because some parts of Phalanger are mixed assemblies written in Managed C++, which is not supported in Mono. Although we are planning on rewriting these components to C++/CLI as we switch to FW 2.0, one of them - the Extension Manager - will always contain some native code. So it is likely that Phalanger will run under Mono in the future but without the Extension Manager. However, if Mono supports C++/CLI in the future we would probably port the Extension Manager to Mono.

Some quick research showcases the fact that since 09-01-2006 this has now changed.**

Sweet! :D

** though whether or not the extension manager is available is unknown at this stage as I haven't downloaded and played with it yet. Thats next. ;)