PHP/Zend Core 2.0, FastCGI, & IIS

by Todd Ogasawara logo
Port25 blogger MichaelF let us know that the technical preview release of Microsoft FastCGI for IIS6 and IIS7 is available for download in FastCGI and Zend Core 2.0. This is a big deal for people interested in PHP running as efficiently as possible with Microsoft's IIS web server. PHP can work with IIS either by being installed with a CGI (Common Gateway Interface) or ISAPI (Internet Server Application Programming Interface). However, according to the Microsoft support article HOW TO: Install PHP for a UNIX-to-Windows Migration, the simpler to install PHP MSI installation package only provides support for CGI. CGI tends to be slower and resource intenstive because a new process to be launched for each request. FastCGI for IIS allows a CGI process to be reused after the first request.