Physical and information security [non]-converhence?

by Anton Chuvakin

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Lots of folks talk about the upcoming physical and information security convergence. Here is a blog entry that makes use of this fun metaphor: "physical security" and "information security" are only similar by using the same word, specifially: '"Lead guitar" and "lead pipe" have similar spelling; are they the same?'

It seems a hard nut to crack, there are important similarities and there are differences, which seem to be just as important. Any opinions? Maybe I can build another poll on convergence...


Eddie Roberts
2006-05-22 23:02:48
Every organization can have internal threats. Frustrated employee can cause harm to your hardware so security is the major concern. A proper networking can solve problem.
Document Security
2006-06-03 05:13:19
Information security is very much needed as physical security. And no company wants that his confidential data go outside or leaked. Side by side piracy of the information is enormously no one will afford such kind of risk. For more information you can see