Pictures From My Nokia 3650

by brian d foy

I got my Nokia 3650 in the mail today (after waiting for T-Mobile to send it to my wife, then my wife to send it to me through the military postal system) , and earlier this week I got a USB Bluetooth adapter (from a friend through the same process). Everything was a cinch to set-up---easier than finding things in the manual even.

Once I plugged in the USB Bluetooth adapter, I got a Bluetooth control panel. With the Bluetooth Setup Assistant (or something close to that name) I paired my Mac with my phone without a problem. On the phone side I only had to enable Bluetooth.

In less than five minutes I had taken a picture and transfered it to my desktop (these images are really 640x480, but I scaled them by 50% to put them here).


I then went to dinner, where I could have gotten a picture of Tommy Thompson (and his many bodyguards), but I took a picture of my dinner instead (something I picked up from Randal Schwartz).


I took another picture when I got back to my tent.