Pink Zunes sell better than Brown (or White) ones

by Erica Sadun

Who'da thunk? Black Zunes are still the top sellers, but Pink has risen to the #2 spot. I rather like the brown one, but I'm a rebel. What color is your MP3 player?

For the curious, my iPod is white. I'm not cool enough to pull off black.


2007-05-24 12:04:44
White. 3rd generation (only came in white). Just replaced the battery. It's staying with me until I can't get it running anymore! Plus, I never really got the whole fashion statement thing for electronics. What does pink state? And do people really care?
2007-05-24 12:47:29
I went with iconic white for my first (and only) iPod last year. Since everyone else makes black devices I can't see the point of buying a black iPod (or MacBook for that matter).
2007-05-24 13:04:50
This is like one of those logic puzzles: "if pink Zunes sell more than brown Zunes, and brown Zunes sell less than white Zunes, what is the chance of Zune ever being a success ?"

(The answer is zero)

2007-05-24 13:54:34
I'd thought that the link in thunk would explain the word, but obviously not...
Anyway, I saw the point in buying the black nano, 4 extra G for a small price ;-)

2007-05-24 20:02:48
I've got a brand new orange shuffle, and the only thing I'd replace it with is an iPhone :)
2007-05-25 09:33:34
Our first gen, 5gig iPod finally died (obviously white) a few days ago after five years of faithful service. Sniff. Not the battery, but the HD. Our second gen 10gig's battery is giving us about half of its original 10 hour charge. May just replace the battery, but if we replace the whole unit, we'll probably go with a couple of shuffles; silver for me and whatever color my wife wants.
M. David Peterson
2007-05-26 02:47:31

> "Plus, I never really got the whole fashion statement thing for electronics."

Neither do I, but I also don't understand how a billion dollar market has emerged in the form of the ring tone industry. The fact that I don't understand it is obviously less important than the fact it exists.

"What does pink state?"

From the "thunk" link,

> Since introducing the limited edition pink Zune before Mother's Day, the color has become the second most popular, only trailing black in sales, the company said Thursday.

For a device first released in November of last year, we're basically looking at 7 months worth of trends which doesn't really provide much of a "normalized" snapshot of what the long term trends will be, but none-the-less, that fact that the pink Zune is outselling the brown Zune suggests, to me anyway, that the more practically minded of our species (AKA women) are setting aside the pressures of "it's cooler to own an iPod" and choosing what they feel best fits their persona, whereas the more "tribal" of our species (AKA men) are more worried about (ironically) their appearance of cool than they are their appearance. In other words what's been proven, yet again, is that women are more concerned with what they feel makes them look and feel good whereas men are more concerned with what others feel makes them look and feel good.

> "And do people really care?"

Yes. As crazy as it might sound, yes, they really do care about these kinds of things.


via the same "thunk" link,

> The Zune is still struggling to gain market share, however, with the device holding steady at 9.2 percent of the retail market in April, according to data release from NPD Group.

(The answer is zero 9.2 percent)

M. David Peterson
2007-05-26 02:51:56
correction: "(ironically)"

There's nothing ironic about men being more concerned with the appearance of cool than they are their appearance.

M. David Peterson
2007-05-26 03:14:44

One other thing: How is it that Apple can maintain a 3% market share for the better part of 20 years and yet still be considered a smashing success and yet the Zune grabs 9.2% of the mobile media device market over a 7 month period and yet has "[zero] chance of every being a success"?

Something else that people seem to be overlooking is the fact that J Allard, the man at MSFT leading the Zune charge, has previously done the unthinkable: Unseated Sony from the top spot of the gaming market, replacing it instead with the XBox. Don't know the answser to this, but how much market share did the XBox maintain after 7 months of market presence, anyone know?

Something else to consider: The Zune and XBox are becoming tightly integrated, and one can only assume this development trend will continue. At what point does MSFT hit the sweetspot of the *MASSIVE* gaming communities and, quite literally, take the mobile media device by storm overnight? If that were possible (and I believe it is) what would that sweetspot be? Would the Zune need to become a hybrid mobile media device (e.g. part gaming console/part audio player/part video player)? Does the streaming wireless capabilities present an opportunity for MSFT that others in this same space do not have? The Nintendo DS has built in WiFi > Does anyone contend with the fact that this feature alone is one of the primary reasons for the success of the DS? So then what's keeping MSFT from competing in this same space? If they did, would that be enough to hit the sweetspot?

I don't know the answers to any of the above, but I do know enough to ask the questions and do so with enough confidence that it's at very least possible that something similar to the above will play out.

Just food for thought...

2007-05-29 23:02:30
David, Microsoft has nowhere near 9,2% of the mobile music player market. They're down around 2%. They say they have 9.2% of the 30GB hard drive based player market. That's a pretty narrow market, which serves Microsoft's PR purposes perfectly. You fell for it.
M. David Peterson
2007-05-30 11:36:25

Fell for what? 9.2% or 2%, the fact remains that a claim of *zero* is completely bogus. Also, can you please provide a link to your claimed numbers? I am not doubting this to be the truth, but would prefer that I base future comments on something I can point to other than to a random, unlinked comment (refering to both your claim as well as not attaching yourself to a live URI such that people can know who "Chris" is.) made by someone named Chris who claims this is the way it is.

2007-06-04 16:37:13
i have a black one LIKE DUH!