Pizza with Bagelturf

by Micah Walter


This past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting the blogger known as Bagelturf. Bagelturf, known more formaly as Steve Weller, runs a blog and for the past year or so has been posting some pretty interesting articles and tips related to Aperture. The site, simply titled, Bagelturf, is a favorite read of mine and so while I was in California for the week, I took the opportunity to meet with its author.

Somewhere deep in the heart of Mountain View, California, Bagelturf and I had lunch. We began by talking about the blog, how it got started, and how Steve Weller, a software engineer at one time in his life, became known on the internet as Bagelturf.

Well, he told me that the name is essentially meaningless. He thought it up in a brainstorming frenzy while looking for names that were available on .Mac. I sort of believed him. I mean, it had to come from somewhere, right? We went on to talk about the development of his Aperture Plugin called Random Wok, available as a free download here. Random Wok, is a interesting utility plugin which allows the user to rename files randomly on export. In Weller's own words:

Random file names are useful if you want to hide the sequence or meaning of the file names or if a random ordering is needed for a program that displays them in alphabetical order. The length and type of random name is selectable and you can also provide a prefix and a postfix strings that are applied to the ends of the random part of the name.

What is probably more interesting than the plugin itself is how well documented its development has been on Bagelturf's website. If you click here, you can go through the entire process. Although he has released version 1.0 of the plugin to the public, the blogging process is still in progress. Weller admitted to me that this is simply how he likes to work; working through the idea, writing up the post, and then taking some time to read through his work to make sure everything sounds okay. I wish more bloggers would do this!

Weller's Aperture articles are also very helpful and insightful. While not a professional photographer, Weller says he found Aperture when his digital image collection started to pile up, and just thought it would be fun to write about his experiences. After a while he noticed that he had a pretty good collection of tips, tricks, and thoughts on the software. You can see a nicely organized listing of these articles at his site, here.

Lunch with Bagelturf lasted about an hour. The discussions ranged from the difficulties one can encounter when trying to be a freelance photographer (my side of the conversation) to the intricacies of Objective-C (his side of the table).

If you are looking for a great resource having to do with Aperture, Cocoa programming, or Pigs with Lipstick, Bagelturf is certainly a great resource.


J Pease
2007-03-28 11:25:54
Thanks for sharing Micah.
2007-03-28 13:07:00
I agree, Micah, Steve is a terrific resource and a helpful member of this community. So glad you had a chance to visit with him.
2007-03-29 01:53:28
I have spread links to Bagelturf all over the forums a thousand times.

He is very good at breaking down the sometimes complex structure of Aperture or its processes by use of screenshots and simple language. A fantastic resource for EVERY Aperture-User!

2007-03-29 14:05:11
Great to see another Aperture expert brought on board this site.
2007-05-06 12:34:31
Steve's Bagelturf is a life saver to those of us who might otherwise "throw in the towel" on learning the ins and outs of Aperture.