Plat_Forms is On!

by chromatic

The Plat_Forms web publishing contest has just started. Alvar Freude let me know that the nine Plat_Forms teams represent Java, Perl, and PHP. Oddly, there are no .Net, Python, or Ruby entrants.

The Plat_Forms live contest blog is also available; it has frequent updates throughout the contest.


Alvar Freude
2007-01-27 07:40:06
Now, the contest is over. It was very interesting and I am very curious about the final evaluation.

I made a website, where you can guess, which language the teams are using:

As I can estimate, all three Perl team wrote good solutions and are all above average. One Java team was good and nearly met all requirements, the other both were too slow and finished below 50%. One PHP team said they finished everything, with the others I'm not sure. One PHP team had some problems with SQL injection etc.