Play Ball!

by Robert Daeley

Spring can officially get started now that the baseball season is underway. And with baseball comes the necessity to keep up on your favorite players and teams, whether you're a stat-obsessed fantasy player, or just a fan of Your Team.

Michael Calore over at Wired covers a number of utilities that'll keep you informed all day long, in Let's Play Two. Or Three. Baseball Widgets for Your Desktop.

Now, you could just download and use the pre-made ones, but as Michael points out, there's lots of room for customization:

Just want updates about the Mariners? Are you a Yankees-hating Boston girl? The best way to track a single team is to make your own custom widget. All of the official Major League Baseball team pages have RSS feeds. News articles, opinion pieces, player trades and official wrap-ups -- basically every bit of news about your favorite team -- are served on these feeds. Send them to your RSS reader or your Ajax-powered home page, or use a widget platform like SpringWidgets to build an embeddable widget for your blog.

You can also send RSS feeds directly to your phone via SMS, Google Homepage for Mobile or one of NewsGator's mobile options -- these are great ways to get score updates when the boss calls an emergency meeting in the bottom of the sixth with two men on.

Whatever your druthers, the blessed Internet will keep you in touch.


Trebor Yaeled
2007-04-05 16:56:26
WTF does this have to do with developing for the Macintosh?