Play Zork on your BlackBerry (or any J2ME Gadget)

by Brian Jepson

I got excited when I ran across bbZip, but
disappointed when I found it doesn't run on my 7100. Fortunately, it
comes with source, so I'll check it out when and if RIM approves my
request for the C++ SDK.

Meanwhile, it turns out I can run
on my Blackberry, so I decided I'd check out ZeeME. I visited the page in my Blackberry browser, clicked the link for the jad, and all I saw was plain text. I thought I might have to resort to converting
the jar to a cod file
, but I decided to check one more thing before I went to extremes. It turns out that the ZeeME site is reporting a MIME type of text/plain--in plain terms, this means that the Blackberry 7100 browser thinks it is a text file. I've sent off an email about this to the author, but in the meantime, here's a link you can use: ZeeME.jad.

Text input is a little funny--you'll need to scroll down to the bottom of the screen and start typing. The Enter/Return key doesn't work: click to get to the menu, and then select Input to send your command (and if you did type any return characters, it will probably have trouble parsing it). Since ZeeME is open source, I bet this would be an easy fix.

The ZeeME page also includes ZeeME Packager, which lets you package up your favorite ZCode games for use with ZeeME. Unlike other Z-machine implementations, ZeeME doesn't read the game off of the filesystem--it's embedded in the jar. If your game is too big (I haven't figured out the limit yet, but it seems to be around 64k), the BlackBerry won't let you install it. I wonder if you could hack ZeeME to download the zcode files from the if-archive?

Are you taking Interactive Fiction into your own hands?


2004-11-30 01:00:47
Palm OS already plays Infocom games
2004-11-30 05:45:16
Palm OS already plays Infocom games
That is correct. Here is a site with more information, including an overview and links to some interpreters: Games: Interactive fiction.
2004-11-30 07:57:02
Works for me ..
*sigh* The last time I played (or tried to) was on a Radio Shack TRS80. Now I'm playing it on a Nokia 6600: worked first time :-)