Please practice safe text(-messaging)

by Todd Ogasawara

The Honolulu Advertiser reported on a two-car accident attributed to text-messaging.
Two teen-agers were injured in the crash.
But, if your biases (like mine) attributed the crash to them because of their youth, you would be wrong (as I was).
Reading further into the article...

Text-messaging leads to crash

...we learn that the crash was caused by a 52 year-old male
...using his cell phone to text-message his wife. While his eyes were off the road, the car crossed the center line... (quoted from the article -- You can see a photo of the Beamer upside down with a crushed front end in the article).

So, let's practice safe text folks.
If you text, don't drive.
If you drive, don't text.
Nuff said.

Do you practice unsafe text?