Plugins for converting between OpenDocument and Microsoft Office file formats

by Jean Hollis Weber

Three plugins for converting between Microsoft Word (.DOC) and OpenDocument Text (.ODT) file formats have been announced in the last two weeks: daVinci (OpenDocument Foundation), Open XML Translator (Microsoft), and Conversion Technology Preview (Sun Microsystems). Here's a quick summary; see also Andy Updegrove's article And Now There are Two: Sun Announces its ODF Plug-in.


Peter Sefton
2007-02-08 15:42:40
I have been tracking the various converters for a while here's my summary.

2007-06-07 11:27:02
Regarding the davinci install problem, you probably need to update your version of Windows installer to the latest version.
Google it or search the MS site.
Jean Hollis Weber
2007-06-08 17:55:06
To Tachyon: I did update my installer, or rather when I attempted to update it, the Microsoft site said I had the latest version of the installer already. I still got the "not a valid installer" message. I haven't tried recently, so it's possible something has changed.