Plug-ins, Plug-ins and More Plug-ins

by Micah Walter

Well, it's official, I have now been named (by more than a couple of people), "The Plug-in Guy." I never meant for this to happen, but I guess I just get way too excited when I see digital photography applications holding hands.

So, to continue the theme, I am proud to bring your attention to, yes, you guessed it, another plug in for Aperture. This time it's for the web service, YouSendit. Now I will admit, I have never tried YouSendit, but Derrick tells me it's a great way to send large files across the internet via email.

With the Aperture plug-in for YouSendit, available for free download on their site, you can easily export images directly from within Aperture. You select the image you want to send, enter the recipients email address, add a brief note, and YouSendit takes care of the rest. If you have ever tried emailing someone a really large sized file, you will know that it doesn't always work, and can in fact tie up their inbox, which isn't the nicest thing to experience.

There are many other plug-ins coming out for Aperture, left and right. So many that I can hardly keep up with it all. Okay, here's an idea for all you plug-in developers. Try this one on for size. I want a plug-in that, when I click "ExportMicah'sShoot" it takes all my selected images, exports them into a zip file, adds to that zip file a text file with instructions, and a standard license agreement. Then it opens Quickbooks, automatically generates an invoice, and adds that invoice as a PDF attachment in an email to my client. The plug-in then uses YouSendit to send my package of images to my client, sends the notice via email to the client, along with the PDF invoice, and when it's done with all that, it uploads the images to my Digital Railroad and PhotoShelter archives and asks me if I want to send anything to flickr for my blog. If it could also write a blog post detailing everything it just did, that would be great.

Next week, I promise, I will do my best to talk about something other than plug-ins!


Allan W.
2007-01-25 11:42:02
I think you're describing several plug-ins, tied together with Applescript or Automator workflows.

The YouSendIt plug sounds great - must check that out.

2007-01-25 17:34:21
hey plug ins are cool!
maybe you could have a plug in section on the site
BTW is there a list of all or almost all of the Aperture plug ins, Apple's sections is pretty small
2007-01-26 10:22:37
I also would like to thank you for present these plugins and workflow tools. It is very helpful.
I wish there was a place we could go for plug-in and Automator workflows etc. and review on how they are working for people. My wish for a plugin is an export webpage to iWeb or export watermarked images to iWeb. I do know that I can export the watermarked images to a folder then import them to iWeb but it dose seem that it could be a 1 shot deal.
2007-05-09 05:05:48
Thanks Oriellynet for this great resource!

Craig, perhaps you might find what you are looking for at AutomatorWorld