Pocket Access data on the Pocket PC is just data

by Todd Ogasawara

I received an email question from A.L. regarding Pocket Access databases on the Pocket PC. A.L. asks:

i have a little problem. I saw your articles and maybe you can help me. I need to develop a mobile pocket pc 2003 application
based on a access database. I need a datagrid to display record that are in a table in an access db but i can't link the access db to
the datagrid. What can i do? i can only use access.

While this specific issue doesn't turn up in my email often, the general topic area of working with Microsoft Access data on a Pocket PC does.
The response is:
The only thing you can bring over from Microsoft Access on the desktop to the Pocket PC are the tables in the database.
That's it. No relations, no macros, no VBA, no datagrids, nothing else.
And, in fact, you are limited to 64K records (or at least was the last time I looked). So, if you have a larger database, you need to build and work with subsets.

The alternatives are to rebuild the appliction on the Pocket PC using either 3rd party databases that can work with the Pocket Access database files or Microsoft SQL Server CE (Windows CE).
Here are some resources to get you started:

If you need more pointers to other desktop-to-Pocket PC application analogs, you can find them in my MobileViews QuickFAQ at:

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