Podcast Interview with Jeffrey Snover (PowerShell's Architect)

by Todd Ogasawara

PowerShell (formerly referred to by its codename Monad) was created by Microsoft as its next generation command line environment and scripting language. Although it is not an Open Source product itself, you can see the influence FOSS dynamic languages like Perl and Python had on it. There's an interesting interview (part 1 of 2) that Jonathan Walz & Hal Rottenberg had with PowerShell's architect Jeffrey Snover on their...

PowerScripting Podcast (Podcast 21)

One of the interesting discussion topics that came up during this part of the interview was a need for something like Perl's CPAN (or Ruby's RubyGems or PHP's PEAR) to ease the download and installation of community contributed components.

You can find an older video discussion between Port 25's Sam Ramji and Jeffrey Snover here...

Powershell Released: An interview with Architect Jeffrey Snover


Hal Rottenberg
2008-04-05 12:05:06
You can now find Part 2 of the interview on our site: http://powerscripting.net. Thanks for the mention!