Podcast UI changes to 5th Gen iPods

by Todd Ogasawara


There are two welcome changes for 5th generation iPod (nano and video) owners.
(1) nano and video iPods show a blue dot next to podcast "artists" with unplayed podcasts.
(2) Podcast is a top level category under Music (although it is still listed inside of Genre too).

Gotta give credit where credit is due.
I noticed change number 2 after the last couple of updates for Tiger and the iPod.
But, I did not notice the blue dots at all.
I read about it on
The Unofficial Apple Weblog: 5G iPod treats Podcasts like iTunes

Any other as-yet little known iPod UI tips and tricks for 5th generation iPods?


2005-10-27 05:16:54
Music -> Podcast
Podcast has been just under music on the 4G iPod (or at least - it has on my 4G B&W iPod) for some time now, too... it's nothing new, nor anything special to the 5G iPod.
2005-10-27 09:09:33
Music -> Podcast
Thanks for the correction. I could have sworn I didn't see the Podcast category in the top Music level until a week ago.