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by Daniel H. Steinberg

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Here is a list of the feeds that we are monitoring for items to include in the right-hand column of our podcast page: www.oreillynet.com/podcasts. They are listed here alphabetically. Please use the feedback area to suggest podcasts we should add to this list. The podcasts must have RSS 2.0 feeds to be included in this list.

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2005-11-17 10:14:09
Podcast suggestion
Forgive the self-promotion, but I offer two podcasts for your consideration. One is the audio companion to my blog, "Gardner Writes," at www.gardnercampbell.net/blog1. My current series of podcasts is "A Donne A Day," a series of poetry readings followed by my brief commentary. The other recommendation is Profcast at www.profcast.org, a series of podcasts from the University of Mary Washington. Our first offering there is also poetry, specifically a reading by the distinguished American poet Claudia Emerson, whose latest volume has been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

Thanks for your consideration.

Gardner Campbell

2005-11-20 12:34:06
The Java Posse
Yes, it's shameless self promotion, but I co-host a podcast dedicated to Java news and interviews called The Java Posse (http://javaposse.com (http://javaposse.com) ) (Josh Bloch, Cedric Beust and Jonathan Schwartz were our latest interviews). Tor Norbye, Carl Quinn and myself round up the news of the week as well and present it in podcast form as well as links in the shownotes. The emphasis is from the development aspect and I think it would fit in well with what you are looking for.
2005-11-21 16:42:50
Once more with the Self Promotion
My wife and I produce two fortnightly podcasts aimed at the F/OSS community in Australia and the region. The first, "The Linux Australia Update" features interviews with both the well known and not so well known. Some of the well known have included Jeff Waugh from Ubuntu and Matt Palmer from Debian.

The second podcast, "The LUG Roundup" examines the community itself, talking with Australian and New Zealand based LUGs and keeping people up to date with events around the region.

RSS 2 Feeds:

LA Update: http://la-pod.k-sit.com/rss/la_pod_mp3.xml

LUG Roundup: http://la-pod.k-sit.com/rss/lug_roundup_mp3.xml

2005-11-22 06:28:17
The Java Posse
Thanks - we're adding you. D
2005-11-22 06:29:15
Podcast suggestion
Gardner, I really like what you are doing and will leave this link for those who want to follow it - but we're only featuring technology for the moment on our podcasting page. Thanks, D
2005-11-22 06:34:20
Once more with the Self Promotion
we'll add both
2005-11-22 12:26:33
Once more with the Self Promotion
Thanks, just thought I'd also mention that we will be hosting our first live event this friday (Australian time).

You can find out more here: http://k-sit.com/articles.php?s_id=58&art_id=178