Pogue on VoSKY

by Bruce Stewart

The always astute and entertaining David Pogue takes a look at the VoSKY Call Center from ActionTec in today's New York Times, and gives it a big thumbs up, though he does point out a few "gotchas". The $60 VoSKY unit allows you to use a standard home phone to make and recieve your Skype calls, as well as from your cell phone -- which Pogue thinks is a pretty neat trick. It also offers a call return feature, so that numbers you call via Skype that aren't available will generate a call back to your specified phone when your buddy is back online, prompting you to place the call again.

Pogue isn't thrilled with the voice talent ActionTec used in the prodcut though:

And speaking of the recordings: Good heavens, was this the best voice-over talent ActionTec could find? The young lady speaks slowly and self-consciously, like the world's worst actor in a junior high musical. You can just imagine her saying, "Do not look now, Dorothy, but are those flying monkeys I see? Oh dear me."

If those gotchas don't getcha, though, you'd be hard-pressed to find another $60 gadget that works so crisply, reliably and efficiently. If you're among the 25 million existing Skypaholics, the Call Center could magnify the pleasure of making those free calls. And if you're not, the VoSky Call Center is one more reason to see what Skype is all about.