Poll: What Do You Do With Collected Logs?

by Anton Chuvakin

Time for another fun logging poll: What Do You Do With Collected Logs?

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This is my Logging Poll #3, links to past polls:

UPDATE: analysis and results posted at here


2007-12-08 20:58:15
On most of my servers I have logs enabled by default unless they are under heavy usage and I need to keep disk writing down for performance considerations. Even on those I try to keep the logs on simply to use if I need to. Most of the time it is because someone has tried to gain access to the servers so I need to know the details. Other than that, I hate looking through logs.
Anton Chuvakin
2007-12-11 21:44:36
>I hate looking through logs.

And so does everybody (well, most everybody :-)) else. What is the way out? More automation and more intelligence done by systems, not people. Are we there yet? Not by a long shot... Will we be there? You bet!