Poll: What logs do you actually LOOK at?

by Anton Chuvakin

This is my 6th logging poll (vote here now!)- links to the previous five polls below.

This one is deceptively similar to the #1 below, but it is not. This poll is What logs do you actually LOOK at? and not Which Logs Do You Collect? In other words, are you a log packrat? Are you collecting and never using the log data? You are making a mistake, if you don't.

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    UPDATE: analysis of this poll posted here. Enjoy!

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    2008-02-19 13:53:24
    I'm supposed to *look* at log files?!

    Oh great.

    Anton Chuvakin
    2008-02-19 15:46:15
    No kidding! Looking at log files is fun! :)