POOP - Perl Object-Oriented Persistence

by Jason McIntosh

Related link: http://poop.sf.net

The poop-group mailing list seems to maintain a page cataloging several implementations of Perl Object-Oriented Persistence: strategies for letting objects intelligently store and retrieve themselves to and from a relational database through simple method calls, without making the programmer laboriously hand-craft the variety of SQL queries this requires.

It describes, compares and constrasts several CPAN modules that have different ways of meeting this end, dividing them into two categories: those that provide a Perl-object interface to an existing database schema (as Class::DBI does), and those that use SQL-based magic to serialize arbitrary Perl classes and objects (a la the Tangram module).

Side note: I found this page through a reference in the excellent Class::DBI module's manpage. For what it's worth, I'll mention how happy I am that I stumbled across it recently; I was able to very quickly turn all the custom modules in my database-heavy work project into Class::DBI subclasses, and now they work better than ever, with significantly less code. At least a couple fine articles on this module already exist elswehere on the O'Reilly Network, such as this one and this other one.

Any poop from you on making Perl objects persistent?