Popular Open Source Projects Based on .Net? Part 2

by Todd Ogasawara

On Wednesday, I asked about: Popular Open Source Projects Based on .Net? A bunch of people provided information about Open Source .Net projects I was unaware of. So, I decided to summarize the projects mentioned in response to my question in alphabetical order.

- Castle Project: Hmm, the projects flowery first paragraph doesn't really tell me what it is. It looks like it started as a style of software construction and evolved into several glue-code type projects that includes an MVC web application framework, AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming) and more.
- dasBlog: Blogging platform
- Lucene.net: This is an Apache incubator project of a port of the Lucene text search engine library written in Java
- mod_aspdotnet: A loadable Apache 2 module for serving ASP.NET content using the Microsoft's ASP.NET hosting and .NET runtime within the Apache HTTP Server process
- mojoPortal: Web content management system (CMS)
- NHibernate for .Net: Port of the Java based Hibernate
- .netTiers: Application Framework
- npgsql: .Net Data Provider for Postgresql
- ScrewTurn Wiki: Wiki engine
- Subtext: Personal blog platform
- umbraco: CMS based on ASP.Net

Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond with information about Open Source .Net projects.

Microsoft .Net Framework blog entries on Port 25


2008-08-06 06:34:47
i think the "main-list" is complete (Part 1 and 2). i dunno a populare site to add, that is missing here. but very interesting is
"dasBlog" its german and means "theBlog", i think they took the name because of the "submarine-movie": "Das Boot" (in english: "The Ship"), the logo on the site looks exactly like the movie-logo. never heard about them until now, a funny idea.
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2008-08-07 11:18:06