Port 25 How-To: Install MySQL on Windows Vista

by Todd Ogasawara

Chris Travers, who wrote the recent Port 25 tutorial for installing PostgreSQL on Windows, is back again with a tutorial describing how to install MySQL on Windows Vista. You can find the paper linked in a Port 25 blog entry from Jamie Cannon at titled...

MySQL on Windows: Configuration & Install

Chris' paper focuses on installing MySQL on Windows Vista because its new security features require a few tweaks to allow MySQL to install properly. The general information provided in the paper could also be applied to Windows Server, however.

Since it isn't discussed in the paper, I thought I'd mention that MySQL comes in two flavors now: The Enterprise Edition appeared late last year (2006) and has a tiered pricing depending on the kind of support desired. The Community Edition is still a free download. However, the two editions have forked in a way that appears similar to the relationship between Red Hat Enterprise Edition (RHEL) and Fedora Core.

MySQL Enterprise Edition is the version MySQL recommends for use with mission critical applications. It is said to be more stable and will have minor point releases available as a binary download for the various supported platforms.

MySQL Community Edition does not have formal support options from MySQL. It will include new features before the Enterprise Edition and can be, I guess, considered be the testing ground version. Binary ready to run installation files will only be released twice a year for this version.

The two versions will converge about every 18 months and then fork again for the next round.

I used to install/upgrade MySQL using the RPM releases from MySQL. However, since the code was forked, I have been installing MySQL for Linux from source code which is released for every minor point version. One minor issue on the Linux side of the world is that the RPM installer assumes the socket file is located at /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock while the source code version points to /tmp/mysql.sock. Tweaking the my.cnf file for MySQL and php.ini for PHP takes care of this from a LAMP point of view. I haven't tried to build from source for Microsoft Windows.


2007-08-28 22:30:21
After installing MySQL 5 on Vista Business,
MySQL Monitor could not be startup.
If any solution, please tell me.

Todd Ogasawara
2007-08-29 00:17:35
Just a guess that Vista's security model is tripping it out. Check MySQL Monitor's properties and set it to run as Administrator.
2007-09-09 06:05:27
After installing MySQL 4.1 on Vista Business,
MySQL Monitor could not be startup.
If any solution, please tell me.
2008-02-04 08:50:05
I have programmed in physics+3d in Flash.
I have created guestbooks and rsvp forms with ASP, PHP, and APACHE.

I can still say that installing MySQL on my 32-bit Vista Computer has been the hardest thing I've ever done with technology.

2008-04-02 01:55:15
I installed mysql 5 on my machine, which has vista, but it's not letting me configure it. Whenever I hit the configure button within the start menu an error is popping up. Can anyone help pls? thx