Port 25 Interviews PowerShell Co-creator Bruce Payette

by Todd Ogasawara

Microsoft PowerShellThere are great inventors and scientists that are so well known, that, like rock or movies stars, we can refer to them by a single name (usually the surname) and know that other people will know the reference: Newton, Darwin, Freud, Einstein, Curie, Watson & Crick, and Hawking, for example.

Our tech biz has created one-name recognition (mix of surnames and given names) for Knuth, Stallman, Rasmus, Guido, Jobs, Woz (part of name! :-), Linus, and Kernighan & Ritchie come to mind for that group. Open Source, in particular, seems to have created a good number of these one-namers because great ideas rarely come out of design-by-committee (IMHO).

We are at a unique point in tech-history in that most of our recognizable by one-name people are still alive today. I find the various podcasts (netcasts?) and videocasts involving these people particularly interesting from both an informational point of view and a kind of future historical record point of view. So, I was very pleased to see that Microsoft's Port 25 site posted a video interview with the co-creator of the latest language that I've been tinkering with... PowerShell. You can find a Port 25 interview with Bruce Payette at...

Powershell in Action! Hank interviews Bruce Payette

Bruce discusses the UNIX and Open Source software that inspired the design of PowerShell. He also takes to the keyboard and taps out a number of examples of how PowerShell works.

You can find two useful PowerShell tutorials at...

Microsoft: What Can I Do With Windows PowerShell? A Task-Based Guide to Windows PowerShell Cmdlets

Arstechnica: A guided tour of the Microsoft Command Shell

...and, of course,...

O'Reilly: Top 10 Tips for Using Windows PowerShell

And, finally, one little complaint. There doesn't seem to be a PowerShell release that works with Microsoft's Longhorn Server Beta-2 release. The PowerShell available for Longhorn IDS (server) Build 5600 decided that it was not compatible with the Beta-2 version.