Porting Portage Possibly Perfect!

by Jason Deraleau

Related link: http://www.gentoo.org

Back in April I wrote an entry about Mac OS X Unix Package Management that discussed Fink and DarwinPorts. Toward the end of the article I'd mentioned that I'm not satisfied with either of these tools. I've tasted better and it's called Portage. Portage is Gentoo Linux's package management tool. It's like a hybrid of Fink and DarwinPorts.

I wished and wished, but alas Portage was nowhere to be found. Until now. Yesterday, the Gentoo group announced that they will be bringing Portage to Mac OS X. I'm looking forward to the release and hope I'll have an opportunity to help debug some of the packages. I encourage others to try it out as well.

Also, upon its release I plan to do a follow up entry to my previous review of Fink and DarwinPorts. This new entry will focus on Portage for Mac OS X and GNU-Darwin, the latter not getting its due last time around. Hopefully between the two entries I'll be able to inform the masses to help them decide on the right tool for their uses.

Used Gentoo? What do you like? What don't you like?